Sunrise Updates

Updates for Fall Ball 2018

UpdatedSaturday September 29, 2018 bySLL.

Welcome back to baseball Sunrise families! While you have been away on vacation the board of directors and other great volunteers have been hard at work to make improvements to our facilities and programs. We hope you will enjoy the updates. Keep an eye out for more to come throughout the year, as we continue to make Sunrise the best place to play baseball in the valley. Here's a brief synopsis of the changes so far.

Safety Measures: Security cameras with lights have been installed at the fields with more coming.  Updated 9/28/18 The DWP has now installed lights in the parking area next to the busway.


Modernization:  The snack shack can now take credit cards!!! We now have POS system to accept credit cards and also make ordering easier.  We will also be bringing a new broader selection of products to the shack soon as well.


We have installed Game Cams on Field 1 and Field 2 with Field 3 coming within a couple weeks.  What are game cams? Go check them out at  .   Our facility is noted as Sunrise LL.  You can watch live games, watch old games and make highlight clips.  I just started using the site myself and I think everyone will love this.  Family members that cannot make games or live out of state will be able to watch games as well.  The clarity is great and I think our kids will love it as well.


Field Improvements:  We have purchased new bases that are much easier to take on and off the field and have enhanced breakaway capability to keep the kids safe.  We also have new infield drags for all those doing field maintenance after games. Our fields are looking great and we will continue to make adjustments or improvements where needed.


Game Play:  While Fall is a great development season with rules designed to ensure it and a great time for all to hone their baseball skills we have introduced standings and a short playoff for Divisions 1 & 2.