Tryout FAQ

UpdatedThursday March 18, 2021 byWHSLL.

Does my child have to try-out and when is it?

Tryouts are March 20,21 -  Registration for tryouts is in our Registration portal just like for Baseball

At SLL we want to preserve the enjoyment and love that our kids have for baseball.  We do not want to place kids in situations where there is little chance of success.  Because of this, it is essential that all players have a tryout.

  • Each child is evaluated during tryouts to keep the teams balanced during the draft.
  • Tryouts are simply an evaluation.
  • There are NO cuts at Sunrise Little League. Every child with completed registration at SLL will be placed on a team.  
  • The tryout schedule is posted on our website.  
  • Please bring your child to the field 30 minutes prior to his/her scheduled try-out to allow time to sign in and warm up.


What does my child need to bring to try-outs? 

Please have your child dressed in baseball attire or comfortable clothing (i.e. sweats) and bring his/her baseball equipment:

  • Glove
  • Bat
  • Batting helmet
  • Rubber cleats
  • Baseball hat
  • All boys must wear a protective cup.


What if my child can’t attend try-outs (due to vacation, illness)?

 While we highly encourage all players to try-out, we understand that things come up that make it difficult for a player to attend try-outs. If your child is unable to make it to tryouts he/she will be drafted based on prior experience at SLL or based on the experience you provide to us during the registration process.  If your child does not tryout they may be placed in a lower division than you find satisfactory, so it is imperative that you make all attempts necessary to make tryouts.  If you cannot make tryouts, please indicate that in the comments section during the registration process. 


Are make-up tryouts scheduled? 

 We do not schedule make-up tryouts unless tryouts are postponed due to weather conditions.  In special circumstances, you may be notified for a private tryout if you miss the scheduled time at the Player Agent’s discretion.  Please do not contact us to schedule a private tryout. 

Tryout Schedule for Sat March 21 and Sunday March 22 - You Must register to pick a time in our registration portal

LA 12 (Majors)
 - Sat 3/20 1:00P Field 1
 - Sat 3/20 1:45P Field 1
 - Sun 3/21 1:00P Field 1
 - Sun 3/21 1:45P Field 1

LA 11 (Majors/AAA)
 - Sat 3/20 9:00A Field 2
 - Sat 3/20 9:45A Field 2
 - Sun 3/21 2:45P Field 2
 - Sun 3/21 3:30P Field 2
LA 10 (AAA/AA)
 - Sat 3/20 10:30A Field 2
 - Sat 3/20 11:15A Field 2
 - Sun 3/21 1:15P Field 2
 - Sun 3/21 2:00P Field 2
LA 9 (AA/A - Some AAA)
 - Sat 3/20 1:15P Field 2
 - Sat 3/20 2:00P Field 2
 - Sun 3/21 11:15A Field 2
 - Sun 3/21 12:30P Field 2
LA 8 (A/AA - Some CP)
 - Sat 3/20 2:45P Field 2
 - Sat 3/20 3:30P Field 2
 - Sun 3/21 10:30A Field 2
 - Sun 3/21 11:15A Field 2
LA 7 (CP - Some A)
 - Sat 3/20 12:30P Field 2
 - Sun 3/21 9:00A Field 2
LA 6 & 5 (TB)
 - Sat 3/20 11:00A Field1
 - Sat 3/20 11:45A Field 1
 - Sun 3/21 11:00A Field 1
 - Sun 3/21 11:45A Field 1


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