Draft FAQ

UpdatedWednesday September 18, 2019 bySteven Bornstein.


Can I request that my child play in a certain division? 

Sunrise cannot guarantee that a child will move up or be placed in a specific division with his/her peers. However, a request may be made by a parent to hold back a child in a division. Please understand that all players are evaluated during tryouts and many factors go into a draft. Your child will have a much more successful and satisfying season playing at the appropriate level.


Can I request to play on the same team with a friend? 

In Wee-Ball and T-ball, we will try to accommodate ONE friend or carpool requests; however, because we try to keep the teams balanced and fair, we are unable to honor these requests in coach pitch through majors. 


I have siblings playing in the same division.  Can they be on the same team? 

All siblings in the same division, except Majors, are automatically placed on the same team unless requested otherwise.  In the Majors division, we will do our best to put siblings on the same team, but it is not guaranteed.    


Can I request my child play on a team with a specific manager?

SLL does not accept a request to be on a team with a specific manager.  You may speak directly with the manager and express your desire to play on his/her team, but it is their decision to choose the players for their team during the draft. 


Can I request my child not be picked by a manager? 

Yes, with some restrictions.  There are no passes in Majors.  In order to pass on a manager, you must have played with that manager prior.

You may only request to pass on ONE (1) manager per season per division.  You may make your request during your registration in the comments section, or send an email to the Registrar prior to the first draft.  Your request will be kept confidential unless your child is selected by that manager during the draft at which time a board member that is present in the draft will say "Pass", and the manager will have to select another player.  No additional information will be shared.