UpdatedTuesday May 11, 2021 bySLL.


Dear Sunrise Families - 

I'm happy to announce an exciting, new event and fundraiser taking place for all of our players from T-Ball up to Majors. On June 5th, Sunrise will be hosting our very first Hit-A-Thon! Right now I'm sure you are asking yourself, "what in the world is a hit-a-thon?" 
Well, the way a hit-a-thon works is each player will approach their families and members of the community to pledge "xx" cents per foot prior to the event. Then, on June 5th the players will get an opportunity to take 8 swings on the field in an attempt to hit the ball as far as possible. Our hit-a-thon staff will then measure the distance of their farthest hit ball. That distance will then be multiplied by the pledge from your supporters. For instance, John pledges 10 cents per foot for Peter. Peter hits the ball 200 feet. John will then be charged $20 for his donation.
It is truly a fun event that I participated in all through high school, but the good news about this event now vs. then is that we do not have to run around with forms to manually sign people up. We have partnered up with 99 Pledges who will be our amazing tech partner for the event. So shortly after receiving this email, you and your player will receive an email providing a link to your own personal fundraising page. Please share that page with your friends and family. They will then be able to pledge per foot, OR if they prefer, they can donate a flat amount.
As a league, I would love to set a goal for each player to raise AT LEAST $100. I believe that's a very conservative accomplishment for each player. And to provide extra incentive to succeed, we will be awarding prizes for the following accomplishments:
  • Overall Individual - Most Raised
  • Overall Team - Most Raised
  • Individual per Division - Most Raised
  • Team per Division - Most Raised
    *Prizes to be announced later
Although we are officially back to playing, there are still some COVID hurdles that we are financially trying to overcome as a league. The loss of last season and the recent shut down of our snack shack has brought unexpected setbacks to our league. This Hit-A-Thon should allow us to get back on track and begin implementing some of our most needed league improvements such as: field lights, parking lot pavement, new scoreboards on fields 2 and 3, and more!
I'm so pumped for this event on June 5th. It will be taking place prior to the Homerun Derby and Jacket Ceremony. We will continue to deliver more details as we approach, but I'd love for us to all start hustling toward this big, audacious goal for our league and the kids. It seems like a large goal, but I've witnessed our league do amazing things before...and I believe that we can do it again.
Sincerely excited,
Buddy Wyrick
Sunrise LL Board Member