Boundary Map

UpdatedWednesday July 5, 2017 bySuzanne Dumas.

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Each Little League has geographic boundaries that determine which league your child should play in as governed by Little League International. At SLL we support this Little League policy.   Residence shall be established and supported by documents from THREE OR MORE of the following categories to determine residency of such parent(s) or guardian:  Drivers License, Utility Bill, Voter Registration, Homeowner/Tenant Records, Insurance Documents, Internet/Cable Bill, Vehicle Records, Medical Recoard, Military Records.  


In an effort to allow schoolmates and friends to play Little League Baseball together, the residency rules have been expanded to include the location of a child's school regardless of the residence.  So if a family lives outside the Sunrise boundary but attends a school inside the boundary, that child meets the residency requirements to play at Sunrise. 


School attendance shall be established and supported by a document indicating enrollment for the current academic year, dated prior to October 1, 2013 and with the physical location of the school, from ONE of the following categories to determine school attendance by such player:

·         Official/Certified School enrollment record 

·         School issued report card or performance record

·         A Little League issued school attendance form completed by the principal, assistant principal or administrator.  Click here to download this form.



IMPORTANT NOTE: If you played at SLL last spring and lived within our boundary and have moved and now live outside our boundary please contact our registrar at to apply for a waiver through District 40. THIS ONLY APPLIES TO THOSE WHO LIVED WITHIN OUR BOUNDARY LAST SEASON.


Please refer to our FAQ page to see answers to most questions.  If you have any further questions about SLL please email our registrar at




Sunrise Little League’s Boundaries are as follows:

Starting at the southeast corner of Plummer and Corbin. South on Corbin to Roscoe Blvd. East on Roscoe Blvd. to Lindley Ave. South on Lindley Ave. to Saticoy St. East on Saticoy St. to White Oak Ave. South on White Oak Ave. to Victory Blvd. West on Victory Blvd. to Corbin Ave. South on Corbin Ave. until it ends. Follow imaginary line south to Mulholland Dr. West on Mulholland Dr to Santa Maria Rd. South on Santa Maria Rd. to N. Topanga Cny Blvd. West on N. Topanga Cny to Topanga Summit Motorway. West on Topanga Summit Motorway to Summit to Summit Motorway. South on Summit to Summit to Calabasas Peak Motorway. West on Calabasas Peak to Stunt Rd. West on Stunt Rd to Mulholland Hwy. Mulholland to Las Virgenes Rd. No on Las Virgenes to LA Cnty line. East at LA Cnty line, then North to imaginary line Extending Plummer. East on Line to Plummer to Corbin.