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Sunrise Little League is a volunteer-based league and is completely run by volunteers.  We need support from every family to ensure a successful little league program.  During the spring season, each family is required to work two shifts (per child) in the snack shack.  During the fall season, each family is required to work one shift (per child) in the snack shack.  Each shift lasts approximately 2 3/4 hours.  


During registration you will be asked to leave a Snack Shack deposit for each shift that is required.  Once your shift is completed, your deposit will be returned to you.  If you submit a check deposit and do not work your required shift during the season your check will be deposited.  


Please read the information below carefully before you sign up.  If you do not completely understand the instructions below it may result in your check being cashed or not being eligible for a reimbursement. 




All teams are required to supply a Snack Shack Supervisor.  If you fail to find a Supervisor your team will lose practice/cage times and will be locked out from the practice schedule.  

A link will be posted on the league website to schedule your shifts through soon after the games schedule has been posted.  ALL SHIFTS must be scheduled through

You may not cancel your own shift and register for another without prior approval from our snack shack coordinator, Scott Corrigan

Notice of shift cancellation or changes is via email only to [email protected]  Changes must be made a minimum of 1 week in advance of your shift date. Within 7 days of your shift it becomes your responsibility to find a replacement volunteer.  Non-appearance for shifts without approved notice will result in the cashing of deposit checks.

Snack shack shifts must be fulfilled by the player’s parent/guardian or siblings 15 years of age to work Front Counters and Rover, 16 to work Grill and Fryer, or you may hire someone to work your shift from the approved Snack Shack list of volunteers to cover your shifts for a fee. You can email Scott Corrigan for a list of volunteers or contact your Team parents for the information.   

Those interested in making their snack shack deposit checks a tax deductible donation to Sunrise Baseball may contact Scott Corrigan.

  • Please check both your child's game schedule and your own calendar for possible conflicts before selecting your shift. Any conflicts are your responsibility! NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • If you miss your scheduled shift for ANY REASON your deposit will be forfeited and your check will be cashed immediately.  If you miss your shift your have forfeited your deposit and the shift cannot be made up.
  • If you arrive late or leave early, your deposit may be forfeited.
  • If you sign up to work a shift during a time that your child is playing you are expected to work your shift, not watch the game.  If you want to watch and support your child during their game… DO NOT SIGN UP FOR A SHIFT WHEN THEY ARE PLAYING.
  • Your shift will last approx. 2 1/2-3 hours. You need to work one complete shift in its entirety and you cannot split your shifts.
  • WEEK DAY and all CLOSING SHIFTS may be longer.  The snack shack closes when all games are over and the cleaning procedures are complete.  For this reason some closing shifts may be longer than 2 ½ hours.
  • We understand "stuff happens", but any scheduling conflicts are YOUR responsibility.
  • Shifts are reserved on a first come, first served basis and we encourage you to register early because space is limited.
  • All Snack Shack Volunteers MUST wear closed toed shoes and a hat.  If arrive without proper attire you will not be permitted to work and your check will be cashed immediately.
  • Remember to check in with the supervisor at the main snack shack and sign in so we know that you were there.  When your shift is over check in with the supervisor at the main snack shack and collect your check.
  • Only sign up for the shifts you intend to work.
  • If your shift is cancelled due to weather permitted field closure you will be notified via email that your shift has been cancelled and you will need to reschedule your shift.  It is your responsibility to log back into Volunteer Spot and pick another shift to work.
  • If we do not have enough supervisors to open the snack shack, the snack shack will have to close.  If your shift is canceled for this reason you will need to reschedule your shift.  It is your responsibility to log back into Volunteer Spot and pick another shift to work.
  • When signing up for your shift on volunteer spot, please put the registered child’s name in the comments section.
  • If you want to forfeit your check, change your shift or have any other questions please contact Scott Corrigan at [email protected]
  • If your check does not clear the bank you will have a balanced placed on your account which includes a $12 NSF bank fee, that will need to be paid off before your child will be able to play in the following season.

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